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Excerpts from my article “A Georgia Peach Was the Apple of My Eye”,
published in the summer 2005 issue of the “Slav File”, a publication
of the Slavic Division of ATA:

“I am still able to treat the translating process as an intellectual
adventure, as a challenge for the brain and the resources that are
stored there.  Translators are multilingual people even if they work
only with two languages, because each specialty within a given
language is like a different language.  A regular native speaker of
English will have a problem understanding legalese, any scientific
jargon, medical jargon, language of the financial reports, or any
gobbledygook.  Most of the time, a translator has to learn on the job,
because there is always something new, something challenging”.

“Full awareness of the context and its understanding is probably the
single most important element of a good translation”.

“It is my observation that some colleagues tend to explain meaning
of some words instead of translating them. I think that whenever the
reader of the translated text will understand it and when it will not
sound awkward in Polish some idiomatic expressions should be
translated verbatim”.

“American English can be wonderfully creative and informal.
Sometimes idiomatic expressions are created ad hoc, and memos
could be full of colorful expressions relating to culture, history,
politics, and everyday life. Getting this somehow into the translations
is to give the reader a better taste of American culture, possibly
teaching him or her something new”.
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